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01   Hammer drill bits
02   Masonry drill bits
03   Multi-purpose drill bits
04   Chisel
05   Glass & tile bits
06   Core bits
07   Hole saw
08   Wood flat bits
09   Router bits
10   Other power tool accessories
Ningbo Mac Panther Tools Co., Ltd., the former Ningbo Shenli Electric Tools Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience of producing hammer drill bits and other power tools accessories.
As the ONLY member of Prfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer(PGM) in China. Ningbo Mac Panther Tools Co., Ltd. owns the most advanced technology and the first class equipments from Germany and Swiss, such as digit-controlled lathe, welding furnace, automatic SDS plus testing machine etc.
Ningbo Mac Panther Tools Co., Ltd. developed by placing its whole emphasis on producing high quality products. We guarantee that all the products meet the recognized professional standards.
We will continue updating and expanding the products range with new equipment and technology.
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